Working Groups

During the campaign, we have formed task-orientated groups for maximum productivity across a number of fronts.


Before any proposals to the university staff were possible the research team had to focus their efforts on producing a document full of current data backing the campaign goals.

Peter Nolan
Holly McKenzie-Barnes
Will Mai
Beatrice Brierley


The strategy team then went, and are still going to meetings to make sure the university fulfil their sustainability goals and switch to a renewable energy source. Despite the bulk effort of the research team complete, meetings often arise where further research must be presented to further encourage the university staff that switching energy provider is the right course of action. 

Adam Parker
Marta Nowicka
Maria Wang
George Coiley


Equally as important is student engagement and action; this team has been crucial in pressuring the university to take action, rather than remain on the path of least resistance.

Elly Bolton
Tom Davies
Emma Smith
Natalia Hryszko