Tom Davies

Because we need systemic change to deal with the climate crisis! The University of Sheffield is a wealthy institution with all of the resources needed to be a leader in climate action, but it isn’t doing anywhere near enough. I joined the Energy Switch campaign because I wanted to be part of movement that will push the university to be better.

David Rapley

I joined the UoS Energy Switch because I want to get stuck in to help make direct and meaningful change for the good of the university and the environment.

Alice Greenwood

Climate anxiety! I wanted to make a lasting/bigger impact that goes beyond my individual changes – learning how to campaign and make a difference on this scale provides me with experience to go on and make other impacts


I want to make an environmental impact. Energy Switch has been impressively efficient and trusted by the university, so I wanted to be a part of that.

Innes Eccles

Because the University of Sheffield can do something; so should.

Melissa Bheekha

Everyone has a duty to safeguard our planet because there’s no planet B

Elly Bolton

I’ve wanted to get involved in green initiative for some time but as a member of staff I felt out of place going a student society. Energy Switch is not a society and welcomes staff as well as students. Also the meetings are outside of working hours!

Maria Wang Mei Hua

As a shy person, I did not start out intending to become a full-fledged climate activist, but I came along to the first campaign meeting in my second year to offer whatever support I could to the team. Well, 1.5 years later and I’m still here, continually inspired by the passion and commitment shown by campaign members to make a real impact!

George Coiley

I wanted to be part of team making a huge impact in the way the university operates.

Beatrice Brierley

To met people who were involved. I felt very welcomed and learnt about the university’s green washed sustainability that I was not aware of previously.