What makes the Energy Switch campaign unique?

  • We are a co-operative with no hierarchical structuring, everyone is equal and takes turns leading and managing groups of people.
  • It’s free to join, we’re not a student society.
  • We take the time to teach members about how to campaign as well as actively campaigning.
  • Students and staff are welcome.
  • We have allies within the university hierarchy and members of Energy Switch in Sustainability Committee and Task and Finish (T&F) groups.
  • We have already made an impact!

How can I get involved?

Come to a meeting. Every Monday 5-6 pm the whole group get together to discuss progress and decide what is the next cause of action. People will volunteer to do specific tasks based on their other time commitments and any specific working group meetings will be organised for the reminder of the week.

Where do you meet?

Unfortunately, there is no permanent room for the Monday meeting but you can find out the location on the front page of the website or on our Facebook page.

I know nothing about sustainability, can I still be useful?

YES! Most people know who join have never been part of a campaign group before and have generally no prior knowledge of the sustainability strategies we want to campaign for.

When can new people join?

WHENEVER! You’re always welcome at the Monday meetings and we’ll catch you up with the current campaign. Additionally, you can read the “Newcomers Handbook” on the resources page.

What are working groups and how do I join one?

Working groups concentrate on different aspects of the campaign, for example: Research, Strategy, Engagement and Media. You can find out more on “The Team” page.

How can I get my university to switch their energy provider?

Great question! In the coming months we will be releasing a guide for other universities to switch their energy provider based on our experiences at the University of Sheffield.

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