Protest "The Transformer"

Why we’re angry

You might have seen the large chimney that has recently popped up next to the Arts Tower. This is what the University euphemistically calls ‘The Transformer’. In reality, it is a gas-fired power station, constructed right in the heart of our campus. This is new fossil fuel infrastructure which is completely at odds with the university’s promises of climate action and fossil fuel divestment.

The university argues “The Transformer” is required by law to ensure energy security for the estate. This has a grain of truth to it, but in reality, University management has built far more capacity than is required and plans to run the gas generators constantly, not hold them in reserve in cases of power blackouts. This is about money, not energy security.

Our DemandsSign the petition

  1. A hard commitment to be included in the sustainability strategy to build no new fossil fuel-reliant infrastructure on campus from 2020 onwards.
  2. We ask that “The Transformer” be decommissioned at the first instance that either: 
    • the grid average reaches carbon parity with the transformer (carbon parity should be determined according to the best science) OR
    • at the point that any sunk costs have been recouped. Once either of these thresholds has been met, “The Transformer” should only be used in its back-up capacity.
  3. Transparency: a) an extensive outline of the energy type, source and emissions associated, b) the blueprints to “The Transformer”
  4. As “The Transformer” goes online, our gas consumption is set to double. It is more important than ever that the University switches to a low carbon source of grid electricity to cater for the remainder of our energy needs.

Climate Strike Protests UoS “Transformer”

Friday 13th March 2020, 10-11am outside the Student’s Union

On the next Youth Climate Strike Demonstration, we want to press for real change at our University. As Greta says, “the future generation does not need admiration, they need action” #FridaysforFuture